BADGE WORKSHOPS – All badge workshops will be 2-2.5 hours. There is a requirement of a minimum of 10 girls to participate in the workshop. Additional girls can be added up to two weeks prior to workshop. Workshops fees: $12 a participant (troop provides badges) $15 a participate (badge is provided by workshop facilitator. $50 deposit required to book the workshop date. This deposit is non-refundable. REFUNDS WILL BE PROCESSED AS FOLLOWS:
»» 16 business days before the event – 100%
»» 11-15 business days before the event – 75%
»» 6-10 business days before the event – 50%
»» 5 or fewer business days before the event – no refund given

Note: you are able to switch out participants last minute in the case of any cancelations or changes.

LOCATION: Location can be determined upon contact for registration. Workshop facilitator is able to travel.

MY BEST SELF- BROWNIE BADGE: Brownies will have a better understanding of how to keep themselves healthy and happy! During this workshop Brownies will complete 4 out of the 5 steps to earn this badge! Leaders you can either plan to invite another guest speaker to the meeting on this date, or plan a trip to meet a health helper on another meeting date.

  • Step 1 Get to know your body: Brownies will discuss different ways they are unique. They will discover what yoga poses are easier for them, or more difficulty. We will discuss why it is okay to be unique and how our bodies and abilities are all our own. We will read a book about being unique, and celebrating! Brownies will trace themselves on a large piece of paper in a favorite yoga pose and decorate themselves in their unique way!
  • Step 2 Three different kinds of exercise: Brownies will do yoga for 20 minutes, cardio for 20 minutes, and light weights within this workshop.
  • Step 3 Find out how your body works: Brownies will discuss different ways our bodies may try to communicate something is wrong. We will discuss why we may get stomachaches, or headaches and what they can do to make themselves feel better.
  • Step 4 Create a “happy box”: Brownies will create their happy box. They can decorate it within our workshop, and bring some items to add during class to discuss. They can continue to add other items to their happy box when they return home!
  • Step 5 Meet a health helper: This step will not be completed in the workshop but we will discuss the options and Brownies will share which helper they would want to meet to complete their badge.

STAYING FIT BADGE – JUNIOR BADGE: Juniors will have an understanding of what they need to do to get strong and stay strong. In this workshop Juniors will complete 4 out of the 5 steps, but step 5 will be discussed. Throughout the 5 steps required to earn this badge, yoga and mindfulness will be discussed and incorporated.

  • Step 1 Start Moving: Juniors will complete a No Couch Potatoes Pledge for their entire family to sign. We will discuss what could go into the pledges and how to make change to be more active.
  • Step 2 Keep your fit body fueled: Juniors will play a brainstorm game where they will learn about the healthful facts about different foods, from all food categories. Yoga and Movement will be integrated into this activity to help with muscle memory when learning these facts.
  • Step 3 Know how to stress less: Juniors will create a stress-free zone within a box. They can create a safe space for themselves with items that calm them down. They will decorate their box, and be able to take it with them wherever they choose to go to calm themselves. We will incorporate mindfulness techniques and tools within this portion of the workshop.
  • Step 4 Get the truth about health: Juniors will learn about healthy foods to eat, and health tips for their age group. We will discuss the importance of yoga and mindfulness and how it can benefit their health.
  • Step 5 Help your family stay fit: Juniors will begin to discuss how they can help their families moving forward to stay fit at the close of class. We will discuss the three options they need to complete this step, and will check in with troop leaders when completed. We will talk about how they can incorporate yoga and mindfulness into their family’s routine!

SCIENCE of HAPPINESS BADGE – CADETTE BADGE: In this workshop each Cadette will know how to use the science of happiness to make their world a better place. Cadettes will begin the steps needed to earn this badge, but will be required to take what they learned from this class and continue it over two weeks, as the Badge requirements state.

  • Step 1 Making yourself happier: Cadettes will learn about gratitude and the importance of recognizing things we are grateful for on a daily basis. We will discuss how gratitude changes our brain, and begin a gratitude list within our workshop. Cadettes will learn opening heart yoga poses, which support gratitude. NOTE: They will be required to keep a gratitude journal (written, photo, audio or video) for two weeks. We will incorporate breathing and calming music within this activity.
  • Step 2 Think differently for happiness: Cadettes will talk about and identify their strengths in class with a fun and quick shining star activity. We will talk with each other about our strengths and share special talents. Cadettes will learn yoga poses to support strength, grounding and balance. The workshop facilitator does recommend going to and completing strength survey to see what science says your strengths are.
  • Step 3 Get Happy Through others: Cadettes will make something meaningful for something important to them. They will collage an art piece for them and we will discuss why it is meaningful, what was hard or easy, and how do they feel about the project. They will then be expected to bring this to their person and discuss with them as well. Cadettes will learn group and partner yoga poses.
  • Step 4 Do a helpful happiness experiment: As a class we will create a 5 question happiness survey together, on a large piece of paper. We will discuss different questions we could ask, and finalize this survey together. Cadettes can then create a copy of their own on their computer to print and pass out to other Girl Scouts or school mates.
  • Step 5 Create a happiness action plan: Cadettes will create their bliss box. They can put quotes, things they are thankful for, photos and other items in this box. When they are feeling down they can go to their bliss box to cheer themselves up. Cadettes can bring items to the workshop for their box, or fill it up when they get home.