Mindfulness: Setting Intentions

Every New Year since the dawn of time, people have been making resolutions to better than life and finally make the change they’ve been hoping to make.  And since the dawn of time, people have been failing at those resolutions and then beating themselves up for the rest of the year.  The most common resolutions made are to eat better, get healthy and save money.  Only about 8% of people achieve their New Years resolution, EIGHT PERCENT. There has to be a system, or technique to increase these numbers. 

The power of words, and the power of our thoughts are stronger than many of us believe.  Each time we focus on what the thoughts of a life we don’t wish to have, we are not putting energy into thoughts about a life we do want to have.  As parents, the root of this change has to begin with you.  The power setting intentions as a family whole, and putting action towards those intentions as a whole unit is where the strength can be found.  Mom, dad, caregiver or any other adult in your child’s life must be a model to being more mindful of thought patterns.  So how can you start planting the seeds, to support your child in growing a beautiful garden of flowers?

If your mom of a little one, like I am, you have to take on each day as if you are being watched, observed and studied, twenty-four seven, and boy do I know how exhausting that can be! Not only are you never able to
let our guard down, but you also have to do it while exhausted from being pulled on all day, cried to, whined to and screamed at.  But the best thing you can do for them is to stick to the short goals you can set for yourself.  You can eat healthy meals together, doing yoga together, get outside for a few hours, do yoga outside and maybe even just
slow down the day, being mindful of each moment. Taking each moment to be mindful of the birds, the planes, the cars, the dogs that walk by, the trees, the rocks, the dirt, how the dirt feels on our hands, or in our toes.  In actuality, if you slow down to their toddler pace, you may realize that they actually have something teach you about
mindfulness and being present in the moment!

If you have older kids, you can focus more long term.  At the next family dinner, sit and talk with the whole family about their goals.  What are their goals for the next day, what are their goals for the week, what are their goals even for the whole month? There is so much power in the family coming together as a unit collectively to set intentions.  Each family member supporting and encouraging each other to reach for the starts, and praising each other for each accomplishment, big or small!

So I challenge you, have a fun crafting night, make vision boards!!! Get those old magazines out of the closet, or recycle bin and get to cutting and gluing! Create something beautiful.  Be mindful of each other’s goals, and aspirations and cheer each other on! For you, their caregiver, their teacher; are the bridge that connects them to the world outside your home, and everyone has the ability to do glorious, magnificent things!


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